Finning Bargaining update


Finning                                    Please Post and Circulate                               December 12, 2019


Please Print and, Post on Your Union Notice Board.


Sisters and Brothers,


Parts Sales Representative roles


The company has posted these salary positions that will be performing the work of hourly employees, specifically Parts Journeypersons. Parts Journeypersons have been performing this work of this classification in the bargaining unit far longer than many of the executive and management have been with Finning.


For the company to take the position that this work can be passed along to a newly created salary position is a direct conflict of the collective agreement. The company has offered these positions to employees and advising that if they don’t apply, they will be laid off.


We will be seeking guidance from our legal counsel on Monday to file a grievance that this work is the jurisdiction of the bargaining unit. We are seeking guidance from our legal counsel to ensure that the strongest possible language will be used to word the grievance.


In October, the company permanently laid off a dozen employees around the province. A grievance has been filed on behalf of these employees.


The union has 15 current outstanding grievances that are in the process of getting resolved, 3 of these are slated for arbitration and we believe that more will be following that same route.


The 692 web page is in the process of being updated to use the Finning tab to permit information to be shared with the membership for the upcoming bargaining process.


Questions? Contact your Shop Steward or Business Representative


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